Happy New Year, Your Page is Here
Here's the first version of your Personal Patron Page! It will be expanded over time. (I have a handful ideas, the background will grow depending on the total pledge, I just need to be back home for that. :D)

Note: The total pledge for the past months has to be set manually by me, and I'll be able to do that after the initial login. (The patreon API doesn't give me access to the total amount, just the current monthly pledge.)

FYI, this is a low priority project, just something I can do when I don't have access to any of my other projects (like right now during my vacation :D).

Please let me know what you think and if you have any additional ideas!

In addition to the new page, I've cleaned up the reward tiers and reduced it to one choice. Every patron now gets mentioned in the credits of ongoing projects, and the cumulative reward for $25 changed to include a personal message of yours next to your name (you'll be able to enter this message on your Personal Patron Page).

I'll be back from my vacation on Saturday, so regular project progress will resume next week. (:

Until then, I hope you're all having a good time!

P.S.: Thanks to Lexi for helping me test the Patron Page! <3

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