— Jaguar Patreon Gift Subscriptions —

Below, you will find a donation link. If you want to DONATE moneys so that folks can receive gift subscriptions to the Jaguar’s Patreon, clicky. I will track donations for all of us. You will see the addresses [email protected] or [email protected] both affiliated with the account. They are both me.  :)

If you want to RECEIVE a gift subscription to the Jaguar’s Patreon, email me at [email protected], or DM me on Twitter or Discord @greylistening. I’ll give out the subscriptions in the order I receive requests.  I typically use Paypal to send out the $$$, but if you can't use Paypal, we'll work together to figure something out.

We are currently giving gift subscriptions of $60, to give a person access to the Patreon at the $5 level for a year (as of 2/21/18, we have 6 available).

Anyone can get one of these subscriptions per18 year, as we have continued funding.

As you can observe, this process will all be based on community trust and good will. If you donate, you trust me to handle donations fairly. If you ask for a subscription gift, I will trust you and send you the $, no questions asked.

Aaaaand, here’s the link. Donate away!