Standing Up While Monitors Lay Down
Happy new year!

Yes, this week the cast of Category5 stand up as they learn to lay down monitors!

Our new set – accidentally nicknamed "Studio D 4.0" – is in place, and that has Sasha, Jeff and me standing behind new desks! I really liked getting to stand for the show; the freedom of being able to move around and interact with Jeff and Sasha in a new space. Little did I know though, I'd go home with sore feet and calf spasms. I guess this bald nerd isn't used to standing for longer than it takes to grab a cup of coffee.

We take a look at the SL102 Limbo low profile monitor stand this week, and show how easy it is to enhance your VESA compatible monitor, making it able to stand up normally, or lay down at a very low angle. It's ideal for touch screen, studio use, boardrooms... and I'm sure you could think of some good use cases too.

Jeff also shows us a crazy hack that someone came up with to crash facial recognition systems, and we'll look at my new Nest thermostat and see a few of the ways it's meant to save a respectable sum off our gas and electricity bills!

Enjoy the show, and thank you so much for your continued support.