Warframe.market Overhaul Part 2 : Reputation explained.
Maybe it’s better to call it “Trust level” or maybe “Bro level”.

Too many questions have been asked about how this is supposed to work.
Yes, this system is experimental and we actually don’t know how it will behave. 
So, potentially it will be changed based on results.

Also the system has already changed slightly since our initial design as we are engaged in it.  (last post :D)

Current version

The general idea is to reward a nice, well behaved traders and to warn traders who behaves poorly with the hope they will change their minds before banhammer reaches them.

This system based on “Likes”.

There are a few rules:

  • There is 2 actions: Like \ Report
  • Users can Like \ Report each other.
  • User-1 can Like \ Report User-2 only once, and visa versa.
  • User have 3 likes\day.


You give a "like", and describe why.
Something like short review:

  • “Good trader, gave me a discount”
  • “Funny guy”
  • etc. anything, can be blank if you want.

Reviews will be displayed inside user profile tab.


More complex, you need to describe in detail what caused that report.

  • “He is douchebag”
  • “He is bad”
  • “He don’t want to give me a free Prime parts” 

Are not a valid reports :D

A valid is something like: “Today at 18:00 utc+0, this user says that my mom is fat, screenshot attached, that insults me on so many levels.”
Ofc screenshot required, video is even better.

Every report will be reviewed by an admin\moderator.

If the report is reasonable, the guilty user will get their “reputation”penalised, along with report description inside their “review”-tab. (written by admin\moderator)

How much of a penalty? Depends on misbehaviour of user and number of reports.

Theoretical values:

  • Insulting: 20% penalty.
  • Spam: 20% penalty.
  • Scam: 25% penalty.*

*Player placed an Order "Something for n-platinum"
So, that's a deal\agreement, if he tries to change terms in last moment, that can be treated as scam.

This doesn't mean that every report will lead to penalty, it will depend on number and quality of the reports the user has.

Also, we have the option to  permanently account-ban in some cases, for example a mr-0 account trying to lower prices by posting fake orders.

If user has 4 “scam” penalties then they will be penalised with a 100% rep-penalty.

Aaand next report will lead to ban.

In sum: 

Your reputation\Trust level will increase over time by every like you receive.
The only way your reputation will reduce is by a user reporting you, and the report being verified by an admin.
General idea of reports (reputation reduction), is to warn user about breaking TOS, before a ban reaches them.


Okay, what about rep-cheating.

Like, you can ask your friends put some likes into your profile to boost your rating.
In fact, that does not matter.
Having +100 reputation\trust-lvl, or +1000 reputation\trust-lvl does not make you better and should not give you serious advantages.

But, it’s still not fair. No one likes cheaters, we are no exception.
There is plenty of ways that  we can detect rep-boosting.
For example it’s very noticeable when user receive +200 rep in one day.

Anyway, if rep-boosting is detected by us, we will drop your rating back to initial values.


Our patrons deserve some Trust-level boost.
They support this project, therefore their trust-level should be increased as a reward.

So they will receive +5\10\10\10 static rep-boost.
*These values can be adjusted, based on stats from production.

But this will not save them from “ban-hammer” \ ”reputation reduction” in case they break TOS.

P.s. there will be another post about patron-rewards.