[Free bundle of Photoshop steps/final files for "Sky-High!"]
(Free files are for non-commercial use only. Please contact me [[email protected]] if you would like to discuss commercial usage! Thank you very much for your understanding.) 

Download everything (.RAR file; 314.2 MB) from here, dear ones! 

That wee figure is our digital cheerleader Charit floating around! With some birb blobs! ("Borbs?") 

✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。  Dear y'all, I very much hope that this piece brings you enjoyment and that everyone has had warm and happy moments to ring in this new year. Someone (I wish I could find out who) posted a beautiful thought on Tumblr: 

"2016, thank you for the lessons. 2017, I am ready." 

... 💦 Dear everyone, I am so, so, very sorry for not being very communicative for such a long time... I'm not treating y'all like the precious souls y'all are. There's much that I'm behind on - and many that I've continuously let down; dear y'all, thank you worlds and worlds for still standing graciously by my side.

/)____(\💦 There is no good reason for my (communicative/social media) absence! 

-- the one main reason is that my energy levels have been surprisingly low for many months, which is many months too long (and now I be super behind, aiyaaa,) so I've been seeing how I can combat this healthily! And fatigue is indeed lessening, amen~! -- I really want to continue pushing forward the art that I owe people and pieces that I hope bring you enjoyment and fulfilment. 

Speaking of health, you are intrinsically so precious; I deeply hope that you can (and have been able to) invest in and further your priceless mental/physical well-being this year... Our extraordinarily diligent Baba would tell you that "life is long, so prioritize and take good care of your health." 💖 

With love and gratitude, 

muddymelly/your nickname for me (pq´v`*)