85 Minutes of Fun and Sun
What a fun week! First of all, Jeff's on vacation, but lucky for us, we get to check in with him several times through the magic of video telepresence! To fill his spot at the desk, Henry Baillie Brown from The Drone Zone joins us.

We tried to cram a lot of great info into a 60 minute show... and ended up with an 85 minute show instead.

From swapping faces to a free stock photo web site that lets you use the images for commercial use... we covered a lot of stuff in that 85 minutes. Henry also brought his Raspberry Pi kit to show us what he's been up to.

Our Patrons requested we bring back the GIMP Tips series, so we kicked off # 15 with the Quick Mask tool, where you can paint your selection with the paintbrush. Don't miss my amazing touchpad skills as I trace the edges like a boss... who has been drinking.

At the end of the show, don't miss the announcement about our new contest!

Enjoy the show! Please don't forget to give 'er a big thumbs up on YouTube, and post your comments so we know what you think.

Have a great week!