Summary for November 2022

This is a list of content I posted in November 2022.

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Patreon Posts For November 2022

When fixing a problem it can be hard to balance the desire for a Quick Fix with The Right Way for the Long Term.

Potential downtime of testerhq as I migrate to a new host.

This is the expanded and collated edition of my NLP For Testers.

Updated TesterHQ to list the 3 large workbooks in the ebooks section.

The 200+ Page Workbook for the 7CharVal application - exercises, theory, diagrams and notes.

I've been meaning for... quite some time now, to create a 'preview' mode on TesterHQ so that people can see the outline, but not view videos

Trimming out some Evernote notes today and found some useful articles in amongst the rubbish.

One of the hardest parts about submitting to conferences is evaluating how good they are going to be. Particularly when it is the first time

I've been meaning to learn the AWS technology in more detail.

I seem to have encountered a Kafkaesque bug in my local train line.

Uses and abuses of the browser user agent.

There are always going to be layers of management and people with Management style titles in Agile Projects.

No project is ever perfect. How to effect change?

These exercises are where I learn more about my test approach itself.

One thing I've mentioned here before, and talked about at conferences, is becoming more rounded and thinking of ourselves as Software Devs.

This is an End Game exercise because once you do this, you won't be able to approach the other hands on exercises in a 'clean way'...

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These are my notes from doing the exericse for automating in the browser for the 7charval app

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