An Annoying Breakfast
"Fu -*ouurp*...fuck..." Valencia grumbled to herself. She sat alone on the floor of the locker room of a Fitness Gym she frequented in the mornings before heading in to work. Then again one look at the hugely swollen belly bouncing on the tile floor in front of her and you'd conclude "alone" wasn't really the apt word. *BhuuooorRP* Valencia belched loudly as the woman within her massive gut wiggled around for a more suitable position. she had just finished her work out and was about to hop in the shower before heading off to work. Not realizing she had been followed into the locker room she was suddenly attacked by another of the gym's members. like a blur the woman had grabbed Valencia's mouth, pryed it open and wiggled her way head first down Valencias throat. In her shock at this intrusion of personal space all Valencia could do in response was swallow or choke. So swallow she did. "What the *hic* hell lady!?"Valencia roared at her belly's new uninvited occupant obviously pissed off. " Do you know how rude it is to force yourself down another person's throat!? I mean seriously who do you *ourp* ugh...who do you think you are?" There was a muffled reply but Valencia could barely make it out. "what? i cant hear you. Jesus, I just finished working off the last bitch, and now here you are sitting in there like a lump of meat. Speak up, who are you lady?" "mrphrhra" said the voice a bit louder. "Monica? who?* hic* ugh. ..whatever, Look Monica, I hope you dont think I'ma let your dumbass out." "Mrph mphrh. Rr mmph rmph" "You wanted this? u crazy in the head lady?" "mmoh. rrh wrphr ru frph mmh" "you just wanted to feed me? well how about you make a *hic* gat damned appointment. I'd much rather have had you for dinner instead of breakfast. geezuz. *burp* now i gotta carry your heavy ass around in my gut all damn day at work." "mph mrphrrph" "*sigh*.Well you're in there now so I guess its okay. I suppose you were pretty tasty in the end. And after a morning workout, protein is essential for muscle repair . just behave yourself in there while I'm at work okay?" "mmpha!" "Yea yea. don't sound so excited " Valencia grumbled grabbing a nearby bench and getting herself up to her knees. then using the bench and getting into a wide legged squat position, her gurgling belly mass hanging between her parted knees and the bottom flesh still touching the cold tiled floor, with a practiced form and a great heave she forced herslelf up into a standing positon. "Phew..." she huffed. "...alright. now im back on my feet." there was the muffled sound of applause from her gut at her accomplishment. "Oh hush you...I dont need props from my food... ya'know there's some sick irony that my regular squats somehow help me to heave people around in my stomach who just become more fat on my ass." she said locking up her gym locker before waddling towards the lockeroom exit. "mmph rrmph hummprph" "yea.....? Well whatever.... " Valencia decided she'd stop by her apartment before going to work for a shower and a change of clothes that may be feasible work attire with such a huge belly. That and she wanted to get out of the gym asap. Definitely before Linda, her personal trainer saw her after just finishing up their workout only 15 minutes earlier and now sporting a massive lady-meat filled gut. Nothing gets under her skin like Linda when Valencia breaks her diet...two adult humans, under 200 LBS per week, maximum . Lil Miss Monica and her unexpected intrusion into Valencia's gastric system made it three this week. Valencia looked around before exiting cover and moving towards the stairs that led down to the exit. once she confirmed rhe coast was clear of Linda, she grabbed the sides of her swollen bulge and half waddled half trotted towards the stairwell. she didnt look around and kept her focus on her destination as Monica sloshsed around inside from the rushed motions. she wasn't the heaviest occupant Valencia's ever had, but she was certainly no lightweight. As she moved Valencia felt an all too familiar pressure begin to build up within her already stuffed stomach. The oozing digestive enzymes were sloshing around from the frantic swaying and mixing with the carbon dioxide from Monica's breath causing gasses in her gut to build up. *Oooh no, no, no no* Valencia thought sealing her lips to hold in the monstrous burp that slithered its gaseous appendages back up her esophagus. luckily she had finally reached the stairs and only had to hold it until she got down and out of the front doors. of course a task easier said than done when sporting a gargantuan view-blocking gut. Valencia had always been in the big-belly carries camp who agreed going upstairs with a big heavy belly was far easier than going downstairs. Upstairs was just a case of hauling the weight upwards made easier if a rail was present. The real danger for a bigbelly barrir was balancing the weight of a huge belly while descending a flight of stairs. A misjudged step or a prey's struggling well placed kick could tip the balance too much forward and then down down down you go. And nobody likes barfing up a meal and having it escap after rolling head over heels over belly down steps. Valencia tho, had no choice. she grabbed the rail and began her caeful decent. toe tappiing to feel her way to each step below as her uncomfortably tight belly blocked her view. "mmph rmph rr rhrh" "ugh.... *hic* o-of course it smells. what'd you think a stomach inside smells like? hush. *huff* im trying to concentrate. " Valencia replied to Monica's complaint fighting the impending belch pushing for release. she could feel it tickling the back if her throat and had to swallow repeatedly to push it back down. Finally though she reached the bottom of the stairs and was in the clear. Now on flat ground Valencia reached her arms up and back, stretching her tense strained muscles of her back, neck and shoulders from the arduous task just completed. she was so relieved she halfway wanted to belly-bump the door open so she could be on her way. But of course, as fates play their games and pull their strings for the entertainment of themselves and the gods escape was not in their liking for today. Just as Valencia was about to make her waddling steps for the door she heard from behind her the familiar commanding voice of Linda Kinnison her imposing personal fitness trainer. "VALENCIA!! WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPEND!?" Frozen in place at the shock of being found out so close to her escape Valencia tried to respond. A response that released the floodgates. "Wait, it wasn't my fauu-*UUUUUURRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOURRRRRR-URP*" The powerful belch exploded from Valencia's mouth like bomb shaking the room and blowing smelly clouds of burp gas all around. "...fault. uhh...excuse me." Valencia said timidly as the half minute long echoing roar of a burp subsided. "No excuses!" Linda yelled from the top of the stairwell not missing a beat dispite the prodigious belch. "...i expect to see you bright amd early tomorrow, yes EVEN with a big still digesting belly of yours . you break the diet, you gotta pay the price." "Fuck! Fine....bye." Valencia grumbled belly bumping the door open making it swing out hard and causing Monica to whimper inside from the impact. , "mmph mhph!" "Shut up. This is your fault..." Valencia snapped at her complaining meal before storming off, down the street towards home. "...You'd better be in my toilet by breakfast time or tomorrow morning is going to suck...*urp* ...for both of us. -the end -
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