Hello reader(s) :p July is over and I have gotten so much done it almost looks like I’ve done stuff. All of our appliances are installed and working. Go me! The internet is working again. Go Rogers! My bedroom furniture is all set-up and in place. Go Angela and Matt! Tore out the shelves that were blocking the new studio. Blam! There is still so much to do. We are making progress tho. I had my electrician friend over and we made a plan for the new power line. Ya, we’re just gonna replace it as we discovered it’s buried in asphalt for quite a distance. The plan is to run the wire from a closer point of the house (the laundry room) and bury it from there. I have all the materials listed, I just gotta get them priced. Same for the studio room, I have a list of materials needed and its partially priced out. I think the next step is to get the wire run. Focus on getting those materials and doing the install. After that the budget should have enough to frame out the space and do either the floor or the inside electrical. I’m thinking floor as it will cost a bit more and the electrical can be done just before doing the drywall. As far as insulating and drywalling, I may have to wait a while as the budget will be kinda drained. It’s summer, who needs insulation? I dont know whats going on with the windows, my bro in-law is supposed to be helping us out with them. He is kinda flaky at the moment as his work has him swamped. He’s a door and window guy, and I guess I’m not the only guy who needs windows. I can just board the two at the back up for now, and leave the side one. I have also gotten back in to coding. I have really tweaked up the bot and it’s almost, you know, good. I think it is the first thing I have ever coded that people actually wanted. Not just to try it, but for regular use. It’s a pretty big deal to me, and I am really thankful to you coders in the community who are so fucking smart. I want to get the game going again too. I messed around with some classes that would handle units and inventories and items and stats. Haven't popped them in to the game yet, but my little test console tells me it will work :) Holy crap I am writing a novel here. Lets just say I am doing a lot and a lot needs doing. I will continue to stream, whenever possible, from my corner in the basement until the studio is finished. Life is busy but fun. Cheers, Matt