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Published August 3, 2014 01:53:48

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$1 is a great way to support a month of comics, especially if you get it through Tumblr or RSS, or with AdBlock turned on.  Thank you!  You'll also get access to my Patreon activity stream, where I'll post SECRET STUFF that only backers get to see: early information on new projects, sneak peeks, that sort of thing!

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SECRET STREAM, plus you'll get to read tomorrow's Dinosaur Comic today! This BASICALLY turns you into a superhero.  Sometimes I change punchlines and stuff, so this is a window into comics you may never see otherwise!

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SECRET STREAM, tomorrow's Dinosaur Comic today, plus a monthly Q+A hangout! Patrons only: for an hour I'll take questions on writing, comics, career(s) stuff: anything! Think of it as an interview where you can ask the questions you want.

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All 3 sold out!
Haha wow you are insane!  INSANELY AWESOME, THAT IS.  The benefit of being a cartoonist for 11 years is the tons of cool stuff you've collected in that time.  I'll send some to you!  Every month you'll receive some artifact from my life in comics: signed books (sent to a good home, obviously), 3D printed version of my skull - whatever it is, it'll be a surprise and also unique!  You'll also get everything else: the SECRET STREAM, tomorrow's comic today, and the hangout!