Three new ideas from Louisiana

So I'm just back from twelve days in New Orleans for a warmth break and the INST-INT  interactive and media arts convention, which was a lot of fun. I came back with three substantial new ideas, each of which would take a reasonable amount of investment, so I don't know which if any I'll be pursuing. Input very welcome.

One of the things I spent a lot of time thinking about, because I have an auditory processing disorder that increasingly makes conventions very difficult for me, is how to make quiet space and introvert space possible within event spaces. My first though on that is a project called In Your Shell, which would be a nautilus-shaped, fully enclosed and sound-proofed piece of furniture, suitable for 2-4 people to sit in and have a quiet conversation, which could be placed within event spaces in order to provide that space without requiring additional rooms. It would have some mechanism for indicating the state - empty, open, or full - to the outside world, so that one could invite others in for conversation.

I have for a while wanted to get back into playing mallet persussion, which I loved no end as a kid, and a talk about Wekinator at Inst-Int gave me a new look into that. A lot of people are using Wekinator to make new musical instruments through machine learning, but I was surprised to see that there weren't really hybrid acoustic-electronic instuments. So I'd like to make a vibraphone, with Kinect and machine learning, such that the vibe makes its own sound but there's also an electronic layer based on the mallet follow-through, that could be played essentially as a secondary tone. 

The third project didn't come from Inst-Int, but from a preconference trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art, where I saw one of the Fornasetti-Ponti Archittetura cabinets  for the first time. These are mid-Twentieth-Century furniture pieces with architectural illustrations screen printed onto them so that they appear to be architectural spaces. They're gorgeous, and my immediate thought was to speculate just what could be done with that conept and a CNC router, so that instead of flat representations they could be three-dimensional. 

Would love thoughts on whether any or all of these are appealing. 

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