Coming-of-Age Memoir about Gail Chord Schuler & Zack Knight
God seems to have used Jane Austen to create Pride and Prejudice as the model for my book in progress Lusts & Acclaim. I am amazed how I am able to read Pride & Prejudice chapter by chapter (one of my favorite books), and how I happen to have two versions on DVD, the one that starred Keira Knightley and the one that starred Colin Firth, so that I am able to do side by side comparisons every step of the way in writing my current book.

To further test my theory that God used Austen to create Pride and Prejudice to shape my current work, I researched Pride and Prejudice online and learned that it's publication date was January 28, 1813. Break down 1813 and you get 6 + 6 + 6 + 13 (all numbers related to the ANTICHRIST). The Antichrist is a main character of the book. Also, I revamped my outline for my current book in progress and patterned it after Pride and Prejudice on January 28, 2017!

As a further note of interest, 2017 minus 1813 = 204. So it's been 204 years since the first publication of Pride and Prejudice. The 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice was 2013 or the year I became a full-time writer. Add four years after that and you get the year I started my book patterned after Pride & Prejudice.

Going by all this, it appears this book I'm writing will be a MASTERPIECE and it will be a very important book! It appears God orchestrated history and literature to make my current book happen!

I expect this book to be a literary masterpiece. With all these divine signs around its creation, it can be no other! I think I'm going to feel like Handel must have felt after he wrote The Messiah, when I'm done with this.

Here is the outline,  the introduction , the first chapter , and character sketches  for the book. 

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