February Games Giveaway
Well, January was...a month. While the world was a bit noisy, gaming itself was relatively quiet aside from the 2017 ancticipation lists. We had a series of successful game nights, which proved pretty helpful when trying to forget the outside world for a bit.

To that end, since we feel it rather fitting and all, we're happy to annouce that this month's Patreon backer giveaway is for Grifters by Indie Boards & Cards. You cancheck out the BGG Entry for more info.  

Never let it be said that we don't have a sense of humor about the whole thing. 

Grifters is all about the con. In this quick hand management card game, your goal is build up the most successful (read: proftable) crimial empire possible. Players take turns playing cards from their hand to the board in the planning of various nefarious heists. Balancing the need between playing a card for its innate ability or a group of cards necessary to perform criminal jobs for desired cash, you must weigh how each card you have will be utilized for the best possible payout. Such plans take time, though, and so any card you use will be unavailable for several turns after playing it.

In the end, your job is to use your grifting accumen to steal as much loot as you can from rival gangs, big corporations, and a corrupt government. In the end, whoever has the biggest bank account wins.

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