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Who are you?

I’m Erica June Lahaie, though you probably know me as aurahack. You can read more about who I am and why I’m doing this Patreon in the overview, but if you want another summary...

I am a game developer and freelance illustrator from Montreal, Canada and I have been working in the game industry for somewhere around 5 years now. I specialise in illustration and UI design but I work on just about everything you can think of. Concept art, design, marketing art, animation—working in indie development forces you to wear a lot of hats at once and it’s a great way to gain a bunch of new skills. Alongside that, I do freelance for games and other media. My art has shown up on websites, album covers, and other games. 

I also do a fair amount of fan art and character art. I love doing it and it’s something that I really want to push further and put a real effort into over the coming years. 

A jane-of-all-trades, you could say. All except 3D, really, but there’s always time to learn! I specialise in a lot of things, things I want to explore further and share with you all here. This Patreon is here to help me practise all of this and share the results with you, so thank you for supporting me and helping me achieve my dreams. <3


What's with the motorsport theme?

I really, REALLY like cars and racing and don't express that in my art enough, so... yeah.

But also, like any good motorsport team, I would be nothing without the people supporting me. A driver might be the star of the show but without their crew, they'd be nothing. I rely on you all like they do on their teams, and I want to make you all feel like you're an intergral part of this, because you are.

Can I download your brushes?

You can purchase my brush set on Gumroad! (NOT YET AVAILABLE GIMME A DAY) I highly recommend getting them if you’re curious about trying some of my techniques.

I also recommend getting:

Sparth’s Brush Pack 

Sparth’s Nature Brush Pack 

What program/tools do you use?

I use an up-to-date iteration of Adobe Photoshop CC and a Cintiq 13HD when I’m at my desktop. Otherwise, I run the same version of Photoshop on my Macbook with a Intuos Draw. Sometimes I use Clip Studio Paint, but rarely.

Is there somewhere I can view/download older content?

You can browse through the backlog of posts on Patreon for any HD versions of the art I’ve made and this Tumblr link  for web archives of everything. Otherwise: no, sorry!

Do you do requests?

Nope, sorry! If you support at the suggestion/voting level, you can toss in an idea for anything you’d like to see!

Do you do commissions?

Not currently, sorry. I’ve decided to close my commission tiers for the time being because between this Patreon and my full-time job, I simply don’t have the free time to manage commissions properly.

I’ll be clear to open commissions once my game ships!

Why don’t you draw more of ____?

I kind of draw whatever I’m in the mood for, so sorry if that crosses against something you’d like to see! I like to keep in practise for the variety of things I like drawing, so sometimes I might focus on concept art or character art for a bit.


Why do you have Charge-upfront turned on?

While I have monthly rewards, I give out PSDs of all art weekly because I update so frequently. I do it to avoid people who (frequently) cut and run with Patreon, subscribing to a user and bailing before the first scheduled payment is due or dropping to a $1 tier to avoid having to pay anything for all their rewards.

It's not the most ideal thing but I do it to protect myself and ensure that I can still give out rewards as often as I do to all of you. I've dealt with too much art theft/bullshit in the past to not take the precaution. 

Do you do refunds?

If you have any issues with payments or something, message me privately on Patreon and we’ll work something out.

Do you have merch?

Yes! I sell prints on my personal store.  If you’re a Patron backer, you get a discount!

When do I get my monthly reward?

At the beginning of the month! Rewards will be sent through Patreon DMs. Patron-exclusive prints will be sent at the END of the month, so that I have to print them and all that. Technicality on my part—to you, it’ll just be start of the month for everything.

PNG/PSD/video dumps will all be weekly, to avoid a large clusterfuck of files all at once come the 1st. I also make a -lot- of art, so I don’t want you all waiting around too long for those rewards!

Can I share my Patreon discount for your store?

Uhh, I’d really appreciate if you didn’t. I’ll be cross-checking discounts to make sure the ppl using them aren’t cheating and will be taking action against those that do. I’d appreciate it not being used against me to undercut my sale prices :(

Are the Patreon-exclusive prints actually exclusive?

Yes. They are art I have posted here but they will never, ever, ever appear on my print store. They are for you all, and only for you all.

I live outside North America but would like to still be a Team Director-tier supporter. Can I just pay you extra for the shipping?

If this is something you’d like to do, then please DM me on here and I will try to work something out for you. <3

Do you do NSFW?

Yes, but I do not post my NSFW on this Patreon account. If you would like to see my NSFW art, you can view it on my Pixiv  or Twitter  profile.

Is there somewhere I can contact you if I have other questions?

Sure! You can drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter

<code><code><code>Copyright 2016 Erica June "aurahack" Lahaie</code></code></code>

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