Strangers Patreon retirement
Hey, all! It’s been a wonderful, rewarding ride. A bittersweet announcement: Felix and I are going to retire our Strangers Patreon so we can move on to respective projects (Felix has a solo Patreon debuting April 2, save the date!). Strangers has, and will always be, a collaborative project near and dear to our hearts. Thank you so much for supporting us every month, your buoyant and encouraging curiosity, and making so many more entries into the project possible.

The site and modules will remain up, and if there’s any updates, Felix will talk about them through his Tumblr . -J


Adding onto what J said, it is with mutual sadness that the Patreon will be put on hold for the indefinite future. There is so much more that we hope to explore with the project; new strains to discover, new modules to unfold, new places to explore, and we are both keeping our fingers crossed for better times ahead. We can't thank you enough for your interest and support in the project – it couldn't have happened without you. -FK