What Long Term Project Should I Take On Next?
So, as some of you know, I used to have a thing called "Greta's Steampunk Trousseau " where I amused myself by drawing a whole series of steampunk outfits trying to fill in an entire Victorian ladies wardrobe. 

Today I reposted one of those outfits I found unfinished on my computer last week. 

I realized as I was writing the post about it, that I actually had a lot of fun with that project and I would like to take on a new project that is similiar. Something long term that I can go back to. 

So, I have five different ideas in my head and I am polling my Patrons to ask y'all which one you think would be the most interesting to see. 

A Sorceress Wardrobe. Element themed gowns and such.


Another Steampunk Trousseau. This one for a different paper doll.


A Fantasy Princess/Adventurer. Fanasy gowns, plus armor and adventuring gear.


An Alien Princess Wardrobe. Space armor and gowns.


1950s retro wardrobe. Tea gowns, suits... that sorta thing.

Poll ended Feb 11, 2017
12 votes total
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