January patreon rewards incoming! ~ <3

Thank you for supporting me through this month! 

I'm still working on my jam game and it's going to be an Action RPG set in an island! 

A friend is gonna help me use XAS, which is the battle system plugin I'll be using for the project. Here's a very early WIP screen: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C3jvGANWEAEFVMR.jpg:large

January was a month of lots of beginnings for me. I began my singing classes, began studying japanese, began preparing for an audition, and, of course, began the year. As such my routine has changed a lot, and I'm slowly learning to adapt to it. Hopefully this slew of new experiences and knowledge will reflect in my art! <3 ~

See you next post! ^v^)/ <3