Tier Benefits
Pledge $5 or more per month
89 patrons
Your name will be added to the Roll of Honor that goes out with every quarterly Squadron Strike Spreadsheet update.
Pledge $20 or more per month
1 patron
I will name a ship or character after you in a scenario in a published product!  If you sustain at this level for a year, your name will appear as a walk-on character or as a ship name in another product.

Current names added to the roster:
Stephen Rubin (Lt. Rubin in Die Another Day)
Kuzanori Iriya (Will be added to a scenario.)
Pledge $30 or more per month
0 of 7 patrons
If I get at least two (and no more than seven) subscribers at this level or the $50/month level, I'll run a monthly Google Hangout where you can ask questions about projects in the works.
Pledge $50 or more per month
2 patrons
I will name a ship class after you in a published product. If that ship class ends up being made into a miniature, you will get one miniature shipped to you.  Each year that you sustain at this level, your name will be attached to a new ship-class in a new product.
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