Today's digital art was created to accompany the Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for February 3rd, 2017, which notes the entry of the planet Venus into the fiery sign of Aries.

So, clearly I wanted a piece to emphasize the fiery qualities being emphasized at this time, but didn't have anything in my photo files that was an obvious match.  However, I was already working on alterations of a cropped segment from a photo of myself in beautiful, sequined vintage dress, which was yielding a lot of different variations with plenty of room for new directions, and flipping the colours around on one of those pointed me in this direction.

One of my obsessions in digital art is finding ways to break down the original image into components and reconfigure them.  This has a direct correlation with the alchemical principle "solve et coagula," in which matter is subjected to processes meant to dissolve it and reduce it to its core elements, and then those elements are recombined and built into something new.  This process is both useful for scientific experimentation to gain a deeper understanding of whatever matter one is working with, and for spiritual growth resulting from seemingly destructive processes and situations in our lives that we can then pull the essential elements from and begin again, rebuilding ourselves into something closer to our true potential.  

Right now, in a lot of ways the world feels like it's on fire.  One of the feelings that I was aiming for in this piece is that of being surrounded by magma, yet that raw force of destruction carries within it the lines of molecular structures and the potential technologies born from them.  I wanted a sense of something simultaneously organic and structured, all-consuming as it flows down the mountainside yet containing the building blocks for new growth.  Volcanic ash becomes fertile soil.  Silicon and copper become computers.  Life surges forward in times of chaos, and goes on after disaster.  Destructive power becomes creative power.