The 7th Guest wins!!
The first ever Patreon poll (Which included everyone) is over and The 7th Guest is the winner! We will start recording on June 29th and episodes will start coming out on July 9th. Just so we have time to edit the episodes.

We want to thank everyone who participated as well! It was a lot of fun, and we have been planning this poll for months, since before the Patreon launched. Next time, it will be Patreon only, but for those who are wondering, you only need to donate $1 a month to be a Patreon and get in on the poll action! (eww, poll action, anyway)

Becoming a Patron helps us out a LOT. We work on JP every single day, and would love to dedicate more of our time to it so we can do more things. Such as recording on consoles, from PS4 to SNES we have a lot of games we want to play. Better computer to record newer games. Upgrading our videos to 1080p. Getting more storage space for episodes and recording. Going back to 2 uploads a day. Doing more ambitious series (Like playing WoW) And so on. That all requires money, and your support.