7W8 - BrokenWorld - Mock Turtle - Page 1
So, this page sort of brings some threads together that I've been putting together.  Basically, the VORPOL Corporation has been rounding up the Wild Monsters that roam the streets of Broken City of Broken World (which, if you've read 7Worlds #4 you've seen).  Anyway, apparently, they're slapping wacky-looking gear on their heads in order to control them.

Originally, I was just going to have a power struggle between VORPOL and the Bandersnatch's group, Nursery Rhyme.  But then I came up with the idea for a third group, which I have called SNIPE.  Snipe, obviously, is a reference to that old prank game kids play on each other.  I had some kids try to pull that crap on me once, but I was wise to it.  

Mock Turtle is a another instance of the cross pollination of Alice in Wonderland references between LostWorld and BrokenWorld.  The name popped into my head, and then I saw the Mask, and I was like, yeah, that will work.  So, this page.  Happened.