7x7 (Seven By Seven) Comics, How it works!

It's here!!!! 7x7 is go! We've been hard at work behind the scenes We wanted to give a brief description of what you can expect moving forward. 

Each of the 7 creators has a day of the week dedicated to them, and their comic will update on that day. The latest comic can be read 7 days ahead of the public by members, also other neat rewards for supporting members. (join here!) 

Depending on your personal settings here when you become a member, every comic should land in your inbox every day of the week. The comics will also be organized right here within the Patreon, and utilizing hashtag categories so you could see all posts from your favorite 7x7 comics. 

The coolest thing about 7x7 is, we all know each other in the Greater Pittsburgh area. We meetup, we have a private group where we all vote on different decisions, and we'll all split any membership dollars here evenly after Patreon takes their cut. 

Here's a look at the season one lineup! (Season One is 8 weeks in September - October) 

Monday =  THE ADVENTURES OF EL FANTASMA, Fun Retro Luchador Action by Mikey Wood

Tuesday = SECRET FORCES:  ZOMBIEOPOLIS, sci-fi action by D.J. Coffman

Wednesdays = FRIENDS FOR NOW , a comic about BFFs by Sienna Cittadino.

Thursday = KAIJU KITTY, feline vs monsters by Scott Hedlund. 

Friday = GHOST TOWN, featuring ghosts who live in Pittsburgh by Angela Oddling.

Saturday = A SYNTHETIC LIFE, future slice of life story by Ian Sharpley.

Sunday = HARD LEMONADE, a sci-fi western like you've never seen by Shawn Atkins.

Luchadors, ghosts, BFFs, monsters, sci-fi heroes, slice of life, robots and cowboys! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a beat!  

And you don't have to pay to support us or read the comics. If you are digging what we are doing but can't budget it, you could always help by sharing a link to the comics and telling your pals, making a comment on the public comics, or sending the creators some love. 

Either way, we hope you enjoy reading the comics! Thanks for being here!

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