8/10/2018 From The Window to the Wall
Friday! In the morning we drilled kicks for 3 circles and then we took turns demonstrating forms in front of everyone. Shifu says we're going to start doing this every Friday to get used to performing in front of people. I did Lian Huan Quan, but I messed up on where to shout a little bit. After that shifu had us spend the rest of training deep cleaning the mains sleeping temple. 

Power training was in the afternoon, which was as ridiculous as ever. We always push each other across the Shaolin temple and run carrying each other. This week I gave Cody a piggy back ride, and he’s the heaviest person in the school right now. Shi Yan Jun Shifu saw and was pretty impressed which left me feeling really proud. 

In the evening we all went to a local bar to watch Adam perform some music. He played a sweet acoustic version of "Get Low" which was hilarious as we all sang along and the Chinese people may or may not have understood the lyrics. 

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