8-12-16 Mini Update
Hello everyone,

This is just a quick update to talk about the status of including online leaderboards to T-Runner. To put it simply I don't see a way I'll be able to include them at launch. It's been a grueling process trying to get them setup but none of the pre-made solutions available will suit my needs. I've tried two different plugin's so far and neither do exactly what I need them to do. I'll be going into more detail about the process of trying to get it working but the basics of it are that I don't have the knowledge to build my own system from scratch nor do I have the time to modify someone else's code to do what I need it to do. So I might have time to do that after the launch but at this point it doesn't seem like it's going to happen unfortunately. So instead I'm just going to focus on improving the other parts of the game and get an offline leaderboard system working, which shouldn't be too difficult knock on wood. Thank you for your understanding and be sure to check out the "In-Depth" later this month that will go into more detail about the process of trying and failing to set this up. 

Take care,