I'm pretty sure I started this post already. Oh well. Here we go again. The first charter left this morning and the second charter arrived this afternoon. This new group is quite rambunctious and brought a lot of booze onboard. I think it will be a fun week and hopefully they will get a lot of fish. Right now I'm driving (or more appropriately, telling Auto where to go) while Nick and Mike get some needed rest. It's about a three hour run and we're already two into it. I'll wake up Nick at the last minute so he gets as much sleep as he can. It's his birthday today and it's the least I can do. It's a clear night and the stars are out. It's always so intense driving at night but the stars are so incredible. I've always felt such mystery and magick when looking at them, so much intimate hope and freedom to dream. Because if space is infinite... Why can't all my dreams come true?