8/29-30/16 - lots of stuff!

i missed yesterday, so today i did a bunch of extra ttime. i designed some  tiny (3/8") pokebal stickers for putting on calendars to mark a pokéwalk, then some buttons to identify local nerds, then finished inking page 25 and started laying in base colors.

sorry i didn't post last night.  i fell asleep really early.

the pic was taken in my car, lol. i needed pokeballs so i parked beween 3 stops. 

i did my art for tonight using the steering wheel as an art desk. in the bg, you can see a closed tattoo parlor/art gallery.

i finally caught an Abra, took over 3 gyms, and maxed out my item backpack. it was nice.  

i am a grown up adulty person type.