The 8 Isles
The sound of water dripping echoed down the dimmly lit corridor, smoldering torches flickering in the thick muggy air. A guard lazily walked along occasionally, lashing out with his club at withered fingers that reached out wealky from mold covered bars.

A sudden thundering sound shook through the darkness and light flooded in as a large door was pulled open. At the sight of a tall figure walking into the prison caused the captives to cower and shrink away. In the sudden silence the imposing man walked down the hallway, his heavy armored boots clanging loudly on the stone floor. A guard jumped back out of the way as the man swept past his thick black cloak billowing out behind him. 

"where is my captin?" The man called his deep voice ringing through the small guard room. The guards jumped and stumbled to thier feet, the fattest one hasitly tucking in his uniform into his baggy trousers. 

"I am sire." he said stepping forward 

"I need the isolation cell opened." The man said the captins eyes widened but he nodded and scurried about to fufill his lords command.  Hesitantly he held up the correct key 

"come with me." His lord said as he turned and headed deeper into the prison. wide eyed with fear the captin followed behind.