8. Window of Escape
The doorknob rattles. You begin to panic. If somebody catches you in here, the likely outcomes are:

A. A beating,
B. Jail,
C. You get decapitated somehow, or
D. Mild embarrassment.

You decide to go with option E: None of the above. “E” also stands for “Escape.” It works on two levels. But there’s no time to think about how cool you are! You quickly gather up your tools and leap through the very window you had planned to cover.

WHAMP!  You land with a tremendous crash outside. Honestly, this was not your best idea. You’re covered with cuts and scrapes, and you landed on your head. At least you didn’t hit the ground directly; your fall was broken by something fairly soft.

“Oh, hey…” says Reginald. “I was just taking Beartato to the hospital, since I am his friend, and that’s what friends do. Do you want a ride?”

Mutter, as best you can, "Hospibble pleazhe."


Refuse and try to drag yourself home. Must... hang... curtains.


"...Who are you? Who am I??"

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