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8-year-old MissObservation gets a cast on her broken arm
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Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be getting a cast on my broken elbow. It’s not a half cast, it’s a full cast.

So I just got to see my x-ray and it was really gross. I could see the bones and where my bone is cracked and all that. But I could also see the skin around it and I was imagining muscles and blood being in there. You can see the crack right where the little gap is.

So, lots of people took me into different rooms, pretty much all the time. They had to do what I weigh, and they had to do x-rays and look at my elbow. And then I went into this room and waited for a little while. Then this lady came with these two things that looked like shots. But it had like water in it. And they had to spray it in my nose to help me feel better when they put my cast on. And I think it kind of worked a little bit. But when they sprayed it in my nose, it felt like putting alcohol in my nose. Which feels bad. And it made me cry a little bit when she put the stuff in there the first time. I’ve never had that stuff in my nose before.

Then these two people brought me to this room. And two other people came in and the guy held my fingers and the girl put this black stuff around my arm. Then they took one piece of cast… and I chose light blue because I think it’s really pretty. Then they wrapped one layer of cast around me. They got it wet, which didn’t make it hard at first but then when you wait for a little while it starts to get hard as a rock. They wrapped one layer around me and then they got another layer wet and then they wrapped another one, which is the top part. And now it feels better. Like really better. Cause I can move it really well and I couldn’t do that the first time. But I think it will also be kind of hard to sleep with. Because it’s really hard like a rock.

So here’s my new cast. It’s light blue because I think it’s pretty. And the doctor said I can get my cast off in about 3 weeks or so. And when it’s off I can start playing soccer, I can start going swimming, and riding my bike, and pretty much everything I can’t really do with a cast on. And it will be off in no time so… Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye everybody!