Rise of Kings: Chronicles


Rise of Kings: Chronicles is part of the Rise of Kings family of mods and revolves around the Middle Ages, beginning with the aftermath of the Treaty of Verdun, and ending in the 1530s. Originally proposed as a mod project in late 2010, Rise of Kings was first based around concepts available in the Rise of Napoleon mod, but by 2011, a v1.0 edition was produced (albeit with no unique units).   

 One of the more well-known mods created for Rise of Nations since its emergence in early 2004, the Rise of Kings mod series is now available as a mod for the Steam edition of Rise of Nations


  • Set across three ages that cover the medieval era: The Dark Age (Classical Age), The Castle Age (Medieval Age), and the Imperial Age (Gunpowder Age).
  • 24 completed factions, ranging from the Holy Roman Empire to Armenia to Mongolia
  • A large number of new units, with many new models and animations.
  • A range of mercenaries can be recruited at the Outpost building.
  • The powerful Noble's Court can research special technologies and train elite warriors.
  • Regional units are shared by multiple nations such as the Muslim ghuzat, Asian Conscripts, Germanic Feudal Retinue and the Scandinavian Longships.
  • The Castle can train gunpowder units like Arquebusiers and Bombards.
  • Technology's importance is increased. For instance, some naval units can only be built if a nation researches a certain government type.
  • A full set of medieval wonders such as the Tower of London and the Hagia Sophia.

For more info, feel free to visit out official wiki, now based with Shoutwiki .

What of the future?

While this mod is now strictly meant for Quick Battle/Skirmish only, we originally had plans for other related or similar projects that either expand this mod, or the experience that  I hoped to give to my fans via this mod.

  • Two CtWs (but these are difficult for us to create) - Rise of Chivalry and Renovatio Europam. The first deals with the emergence of the High Middle Ages, and the second the transition into the Early Modern Era.
  • A continuation of the Rise of the Moderns  project.
  • (not RoN-related) Two greenfield v1.0 game projects, one of which is to be based on Chronicles but including more factions and more mechanics that could not be implemented through RoN alone. 

As of late, the greenfield projects are definitely being prepared (we are gathering our custom assets and redoing the textures), but much still remains to be done.

Your generous and devoted support to will help greatly in raising the funds required to purchase assets and services to help speed up the progress of these projects.

Installation instructions:


The workshop-based version is now ready for subscription here .

(non-Workshop based)

(Note: a version of this set of instructions with graphics is available here .)

1. Download the file from either one of these download sites:

2. Find your Steam folder, and open up the folder "Rise of Nations" (this folder should contain the "rise.exe" file)

3. Dump the contents of the archive file you downloaded into this folder.

4. Start up EE and set up a new skirmish game. Begin by selecting Rise of Kings from the game mods dropdown list......

 5. To activate the custom script, set the Game Rules to "Custom".   Then select the  script "Rise of Kings" from the script dropdown menu.

6. Put in your factions, your preferred gameplay modes and you're now ready to launch into one of the most ambitious modifications for RoNEE yet.


No content from the vanilla version would be affected, however, if you had any non-Workshop based mods for Rise of Kings, their content in "Rise of Nations/mods" may be affected.


As of 3/3/17, this version is no longer being actively worked on but is now archived and still downloadable via MegaSync and  4Shared .

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