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One of the more well-known mods created for Rise of Nations since its emergence in early 2004, the Rise of Kings mod series is now available as a mod for the Steam edition of Rise of Nations

The Rise of Kings family of mods originally revolved around the Middle Ages, beginning with the aftermath of the Treaty of Verdun, and ending in the 1530s. Since its emergence after 2010 with the chapter Chronicles, it has become one of the more popular series of mods in existence, particularly for the Steam community. 

In 2020, a prequel project, New World Empires: Swords of the Prophets was produced. It is not part of the Rise of Kings family of mods, but it will definitely be followed soon by 2 new projects that will be part of Rise of Kings proper. 

This Patreon page isn't just meant to support downloads for Rise of Kings, but also to support modding involving the use of Rise of Kings' resources, especially for scenarios - a section on how to get its custom units and buildings is included here.


  • A large number of new units, with many new models and animations.
  • A range of mercenaries can be recruited at the Outpost building.
  • The powerful Noble's Court can research special technologies and train elite warriors.
  • In any mod with gunpowder weapons, the Castle can train gunpowder units like Arquebusiers and Bombards.
  • Technology's importance is increased. For instance, some naval units can only be built if a nation researches a certain government type in Chronicles, whereas certain mechanical units may be built in Bronze Dawn for the same reasons.

For more info, feel free to visit out official wiki, now based with Shoutwiki .


This page will feature not just the three different mods which use its namesake tech tree system, but will also include two chapters from the New World Empires project. The reason is that they deal with the issue of feudalism - or rather, its emergence and its demise as a valid political system.

Each mod (and each chapter) has three different versions:

  • Workshop : This is the default Steam version of the mod, and is ready for use through subscription on Steam.
  • Steam injection : Does what it says on the tin - it is a "plugin" version of the Workshop mod, meant for use with Rise of Nations: Extended Edition. Recommended for use by modders seeking to build custom scenarios or CtWs.
  • Gold : this version of your selected mod has been optimised for use with Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. It is the only version that is compatible with the pre-EE version of Rise of Nations.

Until further notice, all links lead through advertising and use Mega as the main download service provider.


Not all mods under the Rise of Kings family cover the same era - Chronicles covers the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era in Eurasia, while Bronze Dawn is set in eastern Asia during the early Iron Age.

[RKE v 1.22 / RKC v 1.6] Chronicles

[BDZG v 1.0] Bronze Dawn (pending)

  • Steam: Workshop 
  • PCloud: [ Steam injection • Gold ]
  • Mega: [ Steam injection • Gold ]
  • Mediafire: [ Steam injection • Gold ]

All non-Workshop versions of Bronze Dawn require prior installation of Chronicles.

[RKH v 1.0] The Unravelling (pending)

  • Steam: Workshop
  • PCloud: [ Steam injection • Gold ]
  • Mega: [ Steam injection • Gold ]
  • Mediafire: [ Steam injection • Gold ]

All non-Workshop versions of The Unravelling require prior installation of Chronicles, Bronze Dawn. and Hammurabi from the Kings & Conquerors series of RoN mods.


The New World Empires series of mods features faster-paced playstyle. Swords of the Prophets and The Southeastern Dragon are the historical prequel and sequel to Rise of Kings: Chronicles, respectively.

[NWE v 1.0.66 / NWO v 1.0.0] Swords of the Prophets 

All non-Workshop versions of Swords of the Prophets require prior installation of Chronicles.

[NWE v 1.2.0 / NWO v 1.2.0] The Southeastern Dragon (pending)

  • Steam: Workshop
  • Mega: [ Steam injection • Gold ]
  • Mediafire: [ Steam injection • Gold ]

For the remaining chapter of New World Empires, Alexander; see Kings & Conquerors.

Instructions for installation & getting started:

DISCLAIMER : These are experimental procedures and are thus not 100% risk-free. You are advised to back up any custom files you have stored in any location of your installation of Rise of Nations outside of the /mods folder.

Unless otherwise indicated, the version of the mod discussed here is a Steam injection-type one.

Installation instructions:

1. Choose your preferred version of the mod you wish to play by clicking its corresponding hyperlink above. 

2. Find your Steam folder, and open up the folder "Rise of Nations" (this folder should contain the "rise.exe" file)

3. Dump the contents of the archive file you downloaded into this folder. You should now have the following changes in your game's main directory:

  • /mods - this is where the primary files of your mods will go - you should see a folder with the name of the mod you have just installed here.
  • /sounds - new files will be added here.
  • /art - For Chronicles, you should see the following directories:

4. Start up Rise of Nations and set up a new "Quick Battle" game. Begin by selecting your chosen mod from your mods dropdown list......

5. Finally, for "Ages", set the Start and End ages as follows:


  • For Chronicles, there are 2 End Ages available.Selecting "Medieval Age" sets your game's End Age as [2] High Mediaeval Era.
    Selecting "Gunpowder Age" sets your game's End Age as [3] Late Mediaeval Era.

You can also set your game's Start Age to either [2] or [3] if you so wish, or set the End Age to "Classical Age" to play a game that won't progress beyond the [1] Early Mediaeval Era.

  • For Bronze Dawn, there is 1 Age available: selecting "Medieval Age" sets your game's End Age to the [2] Iron Age.
  • For Swords of the Prophets, only one Age - the Dark Age is available (set your End Age to "Classical Age").

6. Put in your factions, your preferred gameplay modes and parameters - and you're now ready to launch into one of the most ambitious modifications for Rise of Nations yet!


1. After installing your chosen mods (and other prerequisite mods) open up your Rise of Nations/data folder, and back up the following files:

  • anim_graphics.x 
  • unitrules.x 
  • unit_graphics.x 
  • effects_graphics.x 
  • craftrules.x 
  • buildingrules.x 
  • building_graphics.x

2. Then, locate the files of the same name out of the /data folder in the directory associated with whichever mod your use (for instance, for Swords of the Prophets they will be found in /mods/New World Empires - Swords of the Prophets/data.

3. Move the modded files into Rise of Nations/data - and you can start using the resources from the Scenario Editor bundled with the game. 

4. Discard them and restore your backed up vanilla files should you no longer wish to use the modded materials, or intend to reuse vanilla resources for whatever reason.


Should you find any issues with this mod, please read this page and answer the questions listed there.


(A) Rise of Kings ( Shoutwiki ) --

(B) New World Empires ( Fandom ) : Swords of the Prophets

Visiting these sites is recommended, should you need to identify what factions replace which vanilla RoN civs.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Project team members

Chief developer: VelvetClaw (Beelim Solutions Bhd)

Playtesting / Quality assurance: $BIGBOI$


  • Super7700
  • Jones Z
  • T Aaliya
  • Wadis10
  • LT_Muenchen

Our fans

llhhll, nhinhohinho, NickoX, Merytaten-Tasherit, JeluArg, derdy, WartotalXD, Col_Molotov, Wakain, Y Afiq, Mitrelis A, History_Soldier, Dickman S, GH & MW "Meeps" Brough-Smythe, ....and many, many others....

Their contributions, support and advice in helping bring together a concept to reality have all proven to be invaluable, to which we owe you all a debt that we can never truly repay.

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