Have been a busy bee today, so I almost didn't get around to posting this, but given how much time I've been spending on these lately I'd hate to see them languish unseen, and the little thumbnail that shows up on the astrology blog posts  that these accompany really doesn't do them justice.  

This one was created for the February 4th, 2017 post, and the subject matter is a continuation the theme of Venus newly-entered into Aries heating things up.  Interestingly enough, that theme got some reinforcement in a way that mirrors the melting ice imagery via the day's Tarot card pull of the Queen of Swords, reversed, the ice queen apparently being in need of some thawing.

The image that this was created from was a section of one of my many cheongsam dresses against a wooden background.  I heavily altered the colour of this, and broke it down through repeated application of filters and manipulation of light and shadow.  It's another favorite, likely to end up as one of my designs on available for sale on my RedBubble profile , which has been in need of some love lately and is likely to get it in a flood of digital work just as soon as I carve out a decent block of time for the hurry-up-and-wait process of uploading and tweaking images to fit each object to be printed on (yeah, it takes forever...).