Hello! So, I have been playing with ink lately. It's not the most forgiving of materials, but it rewards effort (or even just persistence). Stuff I'm working on: watercolours for Prinsesa, another piece in that series (Aswang, after Mangkukulam and Prinsesa; this one will be a bit more complex because I'm using pointed pen for practically all the inking), one-page comics (comics are SO HARD, hahaha, I'll never underestimate comic art again), patron rewards, and cover commissions galore! I'm also doing a story, which I hope to finish and submit soon -- if I do, it will be my first story submission. And also taking care of mental health, of course. Very important! Stuff I can't wait to show: a couple of commissions I've just finished -- I just want to wait until their commission-er receives them, so they have the first look :) I hope you've been having a lovely weekend, dear friends!
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