This is the digital artwork that I created to accompany the Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for February 9th, 2017, though honestly it could accompany anything related to this month's extraordinary Leo Moon, which is seeing a plethora of favorable aspects to counter some of the dreadfulness we've been experiencing over the past month.  

This cat is Pippin, the cat of my old and dear friend and repeated roommate Drew, both now long since deceased.  Pippin was asleep in an empty terrarium when I took the photo that forms the basis of this image.  I had originally made the digital art for this very stark in black and grey and white, several days prior to writing the post it would eventually accompany.  That morning I was debating creating something new or using one of my as-yet-unposted pieces, and suddenly saw that stark image and immediately wanted to set it alight.  

Realizing the colour variations possible for this as a result has given me the impetus to prep several for posting in my currently still minimalist account on RedBubble , where I think variations of this kitty could make for some highly enjoyable functional art.  :)

Addendum (02/19/17):  I've got the original version of Solar Kitty up on RedBubble now here, a black-and-white version (Lunar Kitty) here, and a blue version (Midnight Kitty) here.  More to come soon!