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The Six Kinds of Republican
This cartoon was published by They changed the format a little, too, which I thought was interesting. 


There's a tendency among conservatives to act as if racists are unicorns . That is, they consider racism to be exclusively the province of people who not only consider non-whites inferior, but who say so explicitly.

(Or, of course, they consider it racist whenever people of color begin to be effective at criticizing white racism - e.g., those who say that "Black Lives Matter" is racist.)

But real racism happens in many more forms - and often these subtler forms are more incidious and harmful. One that especially infuriates me is the ongoing Republican party assault on voting rights.  And as bad as it's been, it could easily get worse, now that the Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General. (Talk about putting the racist fox in charge of the henhouse....)

At this point, to be aligned with the Republican party at all is a form of racism. 

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