This is the digital artwork that I created to accompany the Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for February 10th, 2017 , the date of the Full Moon and penumbral eclipse in Leo.  

I wanted to convey both the pride of the Leo Moon and its shadowing in the eclipse that instead of diminishing that pride reveals its mysteries through a dimming of the bright light of the Sun that it normally reflects.  The darkened surface of the Moon has its own messages, its own tales to tell.  We see the reflected light of the Sun's consciousness in the lower left-hand corner, and fire of Leo still glowing in the feathers' eyes, while the reverberations of this eclipse and the intentions that we set at this time can be seen on the right, extending into the future and through our social circles, ruled by the Sun in Aquarius.  

These particular feathers came from peacocks once owned by my maternal grandparents.  My grandmother just recently passed away at the age of 95.  Since moving back to the Pacific Northwest I got to visit with her in person for the first time in many years, and I am glad that I got to see her and speak with her and feel her love for me and let her know my love for her.  I still have her violin that she gave me, which unfortunately is in dire need of reconditioning thanks to the changes in humidity and barometric pressure endured while journeying cross-continent (not once, but twice!), and a worn peghole that the E-string's peg keeps popping out of.  Once it's in happier condition, perhaps I can make a video or two of myself playing it (though I should first get a little less rusty...) and post it here in her honor.