Cluster Rock - Done !
Hi Patrons!

I'm quite happy with this huge test. =)
It was productive, a bit expensive ^^; but it ran quite smoothly & I've learnt a few things. I think about making a tutorial about that.

Yeah yeah, I know, I said I would do 2 other tutorials in the past and still haven't made them... for this one I more likely will... because I don't want to forget a few things. ^^;

As the previous release you get 10 LODs, textures decreasing over LOD but this time you have :
3x 4096,
2x 2048,
2x 1024,
2x 512,
1x 256.

Also I decreased the occlusion maps ; now they are 4x smaller than the previous release (4k -> 1k ... 256 -> 64). It saves space without loosing that much visually. I will keep doing that with occlusion maps for the next releases.

I don't know yet what I'll do next, except the tutorial (image or video I don't know ^^; ) xD


 EDIT : added a 4k² textures version (1k² for occlusions) + better files naming for consistency with newer rocks. Multi-archives due to Patreon file size limitation.