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82 Parrot Personalities
Science has shown us that there is no permanent self, no individual that remains the same throughout their lives. Learning to live with change is key to having a meaningful relationship with your parrot. 

Come with us as Don takes you on a voyage of discovery with our cockatoos.

In our new format we have 4 segments: The main topic, Houskeeping, Training Tips, News, and Great Finds. Housekeeping keeps you up to date Cockatude and important issues about our flock. Our Tips segment is to help you find better ways to work with your feathered friend. News brings to light some issue or issues that parrot people would find interesting. Our Great Finds feature is for letting you know something that we found fun or useful.

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“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”— Epictetus CE 55-155

These links are to awareness tests that will surprise you. We think we know exactly what we are seeing but do we? Cognitive scientists say no. This videos prove it! 

Awareness test:

Basketball test: No matter how closely you watch this video you will probably not get the right answer!