So, I ended up changing one of the goals. I dug into my own pocket a little bit and went after the new DSLR camera myself! I really needed it, to be honest. I couldn't keep doing videos on the camera I was using, really, it was about to kick the bucket. So I ended up getting a Sony SLT A58, which is especially good at video production rather than photography (which is not to say it doesn't do photography well!). So, I've lowered the cost of my next goal down to $250 in order to obtain the kind of shotgun microphone and other audio equipment I would want in order to get the audio right that's otherwise been plaguing my videos for years. I have some good ideas on audio equipment, but I still need to do more research and tests on what works best for me. Because, truth be told, it's more than just reviews that I'm planning on filming for in the very near future. But I want to keep my other projects a secret for just a little while longer. I hope it'll be a pleasant surprise! Thank you guys for your support! Guyver Part 2 is nearly ready to go, as well as a request review on a special OVA episode of One Piece. Please look forward to it!