March Game Giveaway
If we could sum up February in two words, it would be Laurels and Gloomhaven. Both of these endeavors took up...pretty much the entirety of the month. Honestly, it's amazing we got anything else done in those scant few mid-winter weeks.

One event that did happen recently that we had a hand in, however, was the announcement by our friends over at Cardboard Edison for their 2017 design challenge finalists (which Ryan helped judge). It's always exciting seeing interesting game ideas before they get all super polished and refined.

We also helped with last year's curation as well, helping leading to the selection of the eventual 2016 winner - which was subsequently picked up by Renegade Games.

So, in honor of that,  we're happy to annouce that this month's Patreon backer giveaway is for none other than last year's winner: The Blood of An Englishman  by Renegade Games. You cancheck out the BGG Entry for more info.  

Who doesn't love a good tie-in?

It's time for some Fi-Fi-Fo-Fun! In this two-player card game, both sides are acting out the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. One player plays Jack, the daring young man attempting to steal precious items from the home of the angry giant. You do this by nimbly moving around the card grid, trying to assemble enough beanstalk cards so you can grab your loot and be on your way. If you can do this enough times before being caught, the riches will be yours! Opposing him is the Giant, whose goal is to prevent Jack from ever being happy. The Giant player has fewer actions but are far more powerful when used right. If they can manipulate the giant's cards on the board enough in their favor, then Jack is up the beanstalk without a parachute.

Blood of An Englishman is a short, clever, and flavorful two-player asynchronous game, where each side must use their powers to outmaneuver the other. How will this story end? Only one way to find out!

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