May 26



The Wreckage Crew are BACK ONLINE for the summer, friends!

The 65LABS Noise Archaeology Research Unit is proud to present WILD LIGHT DECADE, a short-run project where we celebrate the inexplicable fact that Wild Light is ten years old by taking a deep dive into its making.

Every week we will be dropping recordings that have never been heard before. They were all made during a period of writing from roughly late-2010 to mid-2013 that made up what are now retrospectively known as the Wild Light Sessions.

Some of the recordings may be vaguely familiar to you as prototype skeletons of what would become the final Wild Light songs. Many will be entirely new. Plenty will be good, and a few will be comically bad. Some will have made it far enough along to be structured like songs. Others will be two minutes of confusion, noise, beats, or some combination of all three. Each recording will be accompanied by some explanations/context/memories and the odd photo and video.

Sharing the material this way: unedited, un-tidied, unfinished, is a deliberate choice. It is a determined effort to strip back our creative process. A conscious unmagic-ing of all the mystique around making a record. All the dead ends. All the tiny good ideas that got carefully rescued from the lake of bad ideas they were drowning in. All the really good stuff that had a life to it we were desperate to capture but in the end escaped our grasp.

These are not 65days releases in any conventional sense and we don’t want to treat them as such, so no bandcamp codes this time. Maybe as the project goes it will become clear that a handful of these lost tracks deserve to be formalised into some kind of semi-bootleg release, but then again maybe not. We'll see how it develops. They are snapshots of noise. They are the sounds of us thinking through MIDI and amplifiers. They are not meant to be listened to on repeat forever. They are meant to be listened to in context, along with our notes and memories, and over the next few months will help paint a picture of how and why we made what we made. They are intended to hopefully give Wild Light a new lease of life for you. A new angle for you to listen to it from.

Also, if you yourself have ever tried to create anything, hopefully this slow motion reveal of our ‘compositional practice’ will go to show that you really don’t need to know what you’re doing. You just have to be willing to keep doing it.

TL;DR: the Patreon subscription resumes in June and in return you will receive new 65 MUSIC  EVERY WEEK, starting next Friday (2nd June) and continuing until around the Wild Light tour in September.

So hold tight, friends! Your favourite weird band is back in the content-generation game!

What’s that? All this talk of Wild Light makes you wanna come see us play it live? Well, you might be in luck. Here’s those dates and that beautiful poster once again:

14 Sep 2023 UK // Glasgow - St. Luke's
15 Sep 2023 UK // Manchester - New Century Hall
16 Sep 2023 UK // London - Electric Brixton
17 Sep 2023 UK // Bristol - Trinity
18 Sep 2023 UK // Brighton - CHALK
21 Sep 2023 FR // Paris - La Maroquinerie
22 Sep 2023 BE // Antwerp - Trix
23 Sep 2023 NL // Amsterdam - Paradiso
24 Sep 2023 DE // Hamburg - Knust
25 Sep 2023 DE // Berlin - Hole 44

TICKETS: live.65daysofstatic.com

So, farewell (for the moment) to the Wreckage Systems Devblog. (The stream itself, of course, will STAY ALIVE). We now pass the baton to the wild-eyed, slightly unkempt, but ever-reliable 65LABS Noise Archaeology Research Unit. See you next week for their first excavation...

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