I haven't posted here in a little while, mostly because I've been struggling with some serious health issues, and constant pain takes its toll.  I've still been creating digital art on a regular basis, and working on a lengthy knitting project that I'll share here soon when it's closer to completion.  I've been engaging in pretty regular photography too, when I get out of the house for a walk around the Agate Pass Loop, which actually helps my unruly body to feel a little better even though the three-mile walk tuckers me out pretty throughly.  Most of those photos have been far more blurry than I'd like, since I've been taking them on my tablet around twilight, and despite what the promotional copy says the tablet's night settings aren't that impressive (neither are its daytime photo capabilities...).  However, I finally managed to replace my nearly 5-year old phone and was blown away with the first photos that I took with it last night- went a little crazy with it actually and now have to sort through a massive number of images in order to determine what I want to post here.  Of course, I typically post favorites from my walks up on Instagram, so the first of those images is up there now.

The digital piece I'm posting here today is actually from my Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for January 28th, 2017 .  Not sure why I haven't posted it here before.  It's one of my more garish attempts at a pop art style, but I still like it - it reminds me of a pastiche of Warhol's Marilyn Monroe silkscreens seen in a magazine article about Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes at the Museum of Modern Art back in the '80s, a moment that has stuck in my memory and had more of an influence on my artistic thought than I would have imagined before these digital experiments.  While much of my illustration is influenced by late nineteenth century illustration, I've long been fascinated by poster art and the graphic design that lends itself to mass reproduction.  Art for the people.  From the work of Alphonse Mucha to Soviet propaganda to concert posters from multiple eras, and of course my beloved comic books and graphic novels, I love the bold designs and rich colours, or monochrome, black-and-white, but striking regardless.  

I don't tend to go much for pastels, but in this day-glo combination the colour palette felt like something straight out of the '80s.  And while my clothing preferences during the late '80s were more... somber... in the early '80s I loved the neon palette of New Wave, mostly because it was something modern and in sharp contrast to my parents' tastes.  Nearly any music later than Shostakovich was forbidden in my stepmother's house, so when I saw the early videos on MTV at a friend's house in 1983 (and later snuck in infrequent doses at home when my parents went out), it was complete culture shock, and love at first sight.  That first video at my friend's house was "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club - all day-glo and fun and liberating in contrast to my sheltered and constricting home life.  When I first found MTV at home it was via "The Union of the Snake" by Duran Duran, and I had no idea what I was looking at, but as soon as I saw I said "I want to do that."  That video in partcular made me want to create other worlds through performance and installation art.  

Funny that I think about that now.  I've been promising videos here for a while and just haven't quite mustered up the guts to post something.  But it's on my mind a lot, so eventually I'm going to have to bite the bullet, and post something dreadful for patrons-only to help me work out the kinks.  ;)