As part of my ongoing mission to get more of my digital artwork posted, here is the piece that accompanied  my Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for January 29th, 2017.

This is a photomanipulation of an image that is about 16 years old, a still life with an escargot begonia and lantern, and other random decorative elements.

This one is still clearly early in my process of creating these, where I'm fumbling about with filters and selective colouring.  Just six weeks later I'm looking at it and seeing where I would do things differently now, but I still like the overall effect enough to be willing to show it here.  It shows the darker side of the 1980s retro colour themes I've been playing with, as well as a blend of smooth and pitted textures that appeals to my tactile sensibilities.

I suspect that I'm going to want to revisit this colour/texture combination with a less busy image at some point, but when that will happen is anybody's guess, since I tend to go where the Muse leads me, rather than dictating terms to her.  ;)