Sketch - Palladi Bixbyte
Last week was a whurl of shipping and accounting. While I was able to do a warm up sketch or two, as well as work on commission that are not yet at a state I can show folks, I really didn't have much time for art.

Most of the time was spent compiling video of Baron Engel's Picarto Streams so we could archive them to YouTube . This meant my machine was hosed for running Clip Studio Paint. But was perfectly fine running Wildstar.

Go fig.

I figured it was more due to a combination of the video editing freeware I'm using only really sees one processessor (and then hogs it for all it's worth) combined with Wildstar being good about having the video card handle most of the heavy lifting. So I spent a bit of time in game, doing random things like building up Palladi's house and crafting.

I have many thoughts on Wildstar, most I'll put over in my blog on Dreamwidth, since you're all here for art. All I'll say here is a quick blurb.

Wildstar, fun game for the more advanced MMO player. Had a really rocky start. Has many small, nagging issues. NCSoft wholesale gutting of development team being one of the hightest. I fear it might go the way of City of Heros.