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Would you like to play Radious Total War with unit names and descriptions in your language?

Check out our guide to creating an official Steam Workshop Version that will do the trick :)

View the Shared Language Support Folder  for all the files you'll need.

Tools Needed:

Editing the .pack Files:

  1. Download and save these files to any desired location:
    1. @radious_total_units_language.pack
    2. @radious_total_units_language.png
  2. Open @radious_total_units_language.pack using Pack File Manager
  3. In PFM click Files -> Extract -> Extract ALL as TSV
    1. This allows you to view and edit tables using Excel, Open Office, or other spreadsheet editor
  4. Find extracted files, open, and change values in 2nd column to desired language
  5. Save changes to both files
  6. In PFM, delete current text files - select each file and press delete
  7. BEFORE saving changes - Click Files -> Add -> Import TSV
    1. Select file, then click open (or press enter)
    2. Do this again for 2nd file
  8. Click File -> Save As
    1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\data folder
    2. Replace “language” part of current file name with desired language (ex. DE for German)
    3. Click Save

Editing the Picture

  1. Find and open the picture you downloaded
  2. Play around with picture editor and make the photo your own if you want
  3. Save file as same name and in same location as the .pack you just edited

Upload to Steam Workshop

  1. By now, both .pack and .png files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\data
    1. Both files also share same name - @radious_total_units_language
  2. Open Total War Launcher and open Mod Manager
  3. On your new mod, choose Upload
  4. Select option from drop-down menu


  • Once uploaded, you can rename and set new description
  • Enjoy making people happy when finished :)

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