Big Changes to my Patreon!

Hello all!  As you can see, it's been a while since I posted anything here.  To be honest, it was because I was getting quite discouraged.  I wasn't seeing a lot of Patron support, and I kept receiving criticisms that I should separate my geeky and fiction writerly stuff from my Pagan stuff, because people might want to support one thing but not the other thing.  This made me sad, since I was asking for monthly patronage in general, and seemed to me a general rejection of my person, no matter what side you wanted to butter that bread on.  Also, to do that and create individual Kickstarters for things kind of defeated my purpose.  So for a while I gave up.

But I think I have figured out a way to accommodate this desire from my would-be Patrons, and that is to charge by creation instead of by month.

How does this work?  It means that you set a monthly limit on what you're willing to be charged in total, and then I can charge my Patrons for each individual creation within that limit.  In return, I will focus on a different project each month so that you will only be charged, up to the limit that you specify, for the projects you choose to support.

In practice it will look like this.  Say you wanted to support my current project, which is producing a new serial called the Wyrd West Chronicles.  Checking my rewards, you see that for $10, I offer you one year's worth of Wyrd West stories plus a whole lot of side benefits, and you decide that this is the one you want to support!  So when you click on the "Become a Patron" button, you tell Patreon that you want to pay $10 for writing, and that you are only willing to do this once.  A full set of instructions, with graphics, is available from Patreon here .

How I will separate my projects is this: Each month I will have a "Featured Project" that I will be focusing on.  All payments and rewards that month will go to only that project.  By or on the 20th of each month I will post what next month's "Featured Project" will be so that you have plenty of time to delete your pledge  if that's not something you want to support.  I will also add an announcement about the current Featured Project to the beginning of my About page, and I will change my page graphic to something that relates to or reflects that project.  When my Featured Project returns to something you want to be part of, you can Become a Patron again!

This means that my Goals and Rewards will also be changing frequently, and will be suited to whatever the current Featured Project is.

To keep apprised of my posts while you're not offering me your Patronage, just click the "Follow" button near my photo.  That way you'll always know what's happening!

This will require a lot more engagement from me.  That's probably best anyway, because Patrons want personal contact with the people who benefit from their Patronage.  I'm a little shy and I often go through periods of social anxiety so this will be challenging for me.  I'm going to try this for one year and see how it works out.  If you want me to keep doing this, tell your friends who might be interested!  And Become My Patron!

Blessed be,

Diane (Sable)

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