Calling all cameo slot people. I want references and general ideas you're cool with this week. I'm clearing the slots on the 28th for next month, Azumi Layne JSK MonDon B VersusMe101 KlinKitty Nerts Xhyra Steve Steel There was one more, but they dropped off as a patron even though they paid, so I can't see them on my list anymore. Not really sure what to do about that, gonna have to go digging. EITHER WAY. RESPOND TO THIS POST with links to your references, I NEED them all in one place to promote everything going quickly and smoothly before the end of the month. Not PMs or whatever, as it's going to be posted anyway so it being private isn't really an issue. Pleasepleaspleaplease do this as quickly as possible! I have Steve and Xhy all set up, so other than them, if you're on the list, you need to tell me. I also need a relink to your elf, Xhyra.