Also probably going to be reworking tiers and adding new ones. Because I have a very short attention span and I don't think sticking to themes is really for me. I just like doing things for you guys and posting them on tumblr, originally I was going to make folios out of them but I dunno, I just like sharing my work. I still might do some folios but it's not hugely high on my prio chart. If I could just build up more on patreon it would take away the need for folios all together, anyway, and I could just use Patreon to be more interactive with you guys and draw things you like. I also might add a tier where people can request more specific things to be drawn. I'm discussing it with some patrons and with Jet. Feel free to voice your opinions, tell me where you'd like to see this go, it's collaborative. c: Your opinions matter to me greatly.