Small Project: Pecking Order Prototype Stream
Hi people! I mentioned in last month's summary that I've been poking around with SteamVR and Unity a little bit, making a thing where you play as a chicken, scratch the ground and peck at worms.

This week I've streamed myself doing a bit more work on that project (I'd have streamed the lot, but the first few hours were just me reading webpages and there was more than enough of that as it was!). I have zero experience in Unity, so there's a lot of fumbling, bumbling and grumbling along the way, but maybe that's fun too!


Streams are done for now, but I'm thinking I might try to make a couple-day VR prototype every few weeks for a little while, so stay tuned. Final builds (and possibly source?) for this Pecking Order prototype should show up in a week or two! :D