Our First Annual March Break Family Special
What a special week we had!

This week, the kids were off on March Break, so we decided to make an event of it, and give them a chance to present their favorite tech to the viewers of Category5 Technology TV!

I'm sorry for being late posting this video, but oh-my-goodness: what a lot of editing! Our first-ever March Break special was a hit, but a lot of work.

Don't believe me?

Here are the features we covered (and I edited):

- Favorite Tech: Teeny Drones
- Favorite Tech: Penguin Slap Watch
- Creating #Stikbot Animations With Stop Motion Studio
- Favorite Tech: Trolls Musical Alarm Clock
- Top Stories for the Week of March 15, 2017
- Minetest vs Minecraft
- LEGOLAND® Discovery Center - An Exciting and Fun Adventure for the Whole Family!
- 28,000 FPS Hyperlapse Crystal Growth with SJCAM SJ5000X
- Favorite Tech: Garmin Vivo Fit 2
- DreamGEAR Arcade-Style Retro Machine Gaming System

... and that's all from one episode of Category5 Technology TV! PLUS, we added a 360° Timelapse of Category5 March Break Family Special just for kicks!

Now, please keep in mind: the kids did a great job and worked hard to present this week's show... but they were nervous (hey, they're kids!) and the immediate reaction of YouTube haters is to post negative reviews. I've done my best to filter them out--but would you kindly consider posting your positive review for the kids' sake? Comment on each of the above-listed videos with a word of encouragement and a thumbs up? That would be great as we work to encourage the next generation of Category5 hosts!

Thanks for watching, subscribing, commenting and supporting what we do at Category5 TV!