Year of Creative Habits - Birthday Post
Howdy! Hope everyone is having (or had) a fantastic Sunday.

I haven't shared anything on my Patreon in over a week! I really hate doing that, but I have a pretty good reason. Not only have I not been working on my comic over the past few weeks, but I'm also not in the middle of any big projects currently. I have plenty that I need to get started with, but when I post on here I like to have a big ol piece of artwork to share with you guys.

Well, I've been really sick for awhile. Like flu (I guess?) type sick. However, the worst of it only lasted maybe a few days, and now I'm beginning to feel better. Each day that passes I'm recovering. So that's wonderful. The worst of it is definitely behind me! It better be anyways! *shakes fist*

Today is my birthday, and I spent the day at my sisters. She made an excellent lasagna (as is traditional Bob's Birthday food) and it was really nice hanging out with family today :)

I'm kinda of stuck though! Nothing serious though, actually... it's kind of awesome! I had a really good photography day today. Whenever I visit my sister's place, I spend an hour or so with my 10 year old niece taking photographs of various things. She seems to find things that would have otherwise passed me by but she points them out. Basically, what she finds interesting enough to take photographs of, I often don't. But once I get home and really take a look at the images I took, I find THE MOST interesting things in the locations she pointed out. So I'm stuck because I have 7 photographs that I find equally (pretty much) awesome, and I need to narrow it down to a single photo for the day.

Seeing as I'm not working on much digital artwork lately, and I'm almost 80 days straight into my Year of Creative Habits project, why not share ALL of those photos here? It at least gave me a good reason to do a bit of a write up, letting you guys know what I've been up to.

So, here we go ... hopefully I can find a good way to embed the photos right below (Just couldn't get the embedding to work! Bah). I'll pick a photo of the day right after I'm done here and then it'll go up on my blog ( but it won't be so stressful to just pick one for the day, since I shared them all right here with you! 

Thanks for reading! Take care, and let me know what you think in the comments or wherever :) Thank you!

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